Definitive Style Exclusive (DSE) began as a retail store in May of 2008 in Detroit.  At the time of it's opening, the store carried a variety of different brands both local and national.  The DSE brand itself started out as an in house brand, which over time became a staple in the shop.  In early 2012, the decision was made to transform the store into a flagship and focus squarely on DSE as a brand.   

The inspiration behind most of the designing comes from all different elements of Detroit culture as well as everyday influences of art, music and life.  Growing up in Detroit, there’s a certain aesthetic that stands out from other places in the world.  In many respects, Detroit is a beautiful ugly place, and observing the people, architecture and landscape is what makes the design process enjoyable.  DSE is an “observational” brand, mainly because most of the design ideas come from observing the world that surrounds us.